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Biogas Renewable Energy

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Biogas composition


Biogas is a fuel gas, a mixture consisting of 65% methane (CH4) and of
35% CO2. It is a renewable energy resulting from biomass.
Biogas composition

Resources of biogas in the world


According to a study made by the ADEME biogas represents in the world a resource comparable to fossil gas yearly consumption (1.800 Mtep/year). This energy is too dispersed in the world to be easily recoverable but the potential is evaluated from 100 to 300 Mtep/year. The quantity valued today is that of 0,5% of the total potential. 
Biogas resources in the world

Fermentation (or anaerobic digestion)

Fermentation (or anaerobic digestion) is the process of degradation of the organic substances using the micro-organisms also known as anaerobe.
Anaerobic digestion

Energetic valorisation of biogas 

In the case of a valorisation by a co-generation engine, the heat can be used locally which improves the energy output of valorisation. Moreover, electricity resulting from biogas can be sold to electricity distributors. 
Biogas valorisation 

Economy of biogas

The receipts are calculated based on the assumption that the producer of biogas is also the consumer. In this case, they will have to support the overall investments but will recover the totality of the benefit, and have savings compared to fossile fuels.
Biogas economy

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